Kyo Baum

Kyo Baum


Try freshly baked Baumkuchen

"Kyo Baum" is considered as a new standard souvenir shop and has gained popularity in Kyoto for its matcha and soy Milk Baumkuchen. You can see Kyo Baum meister's demonstration, and the only place where the freshly baked Baumkuchen can be eaten is KYOTO TOWER SANDO Shop. Aside from those, there are a lot of items, such as baked snacks using Ujishi green tea and Soy Milk. As well as Kyo Baum soft ice cream which is perfect for eating while you walk. We look forward to your visit

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Kyo Baum 3.5 cm, 1,166 yen. Using a highly flavored Uji tea and Kyoto soy milk, the Bamukuchen was baked repeatedly in order to obtain a fluffy and gentle mouth-feel. Enjoy the spongy fabric feels with the vibrant colors of blended Uji matcha and soy milk mellow taste.

A combination of 10 varieties of Matcha green leaves, 1,166 yen. The slightly roasted "Langue de chat" are shaped in tea leaf form. Founded in 1836, "Langue de chat" biscuit contains Uji tea and soy milk aromas. A luxury sweet that marries tea flavor and white chocolate. Houjicha taste is also perceptible.

Kyo Baum sablé 10 pieces, 583 yen. The popular Kyoto Baum is a Baumkuchen type of sablé. It is a good combination of a shiny green and white. This sablé was baked with Morihan Uji green tea and Soy Milk, giving a bit of bitterness to the taste. When in mouth, it melts down softly. You will not be able to forget this crispy texture.

Freshly baked Kyo Baum, 540 yen. Products exclusively sold in KYOTO TOWER SANDO Store. Kyoto baumkuchen are baked by professionals. If you eat the freshly warm sablé, you will probably get use to it. While watching the demonstration of Meister's craftsmanship, one wants to enjoy the soft and fluffy texture.