Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd.

Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary by Keihan Holdings Co.,Ltd., operating KUZUHA MALL · Keihan City Mall · Keihan Mall.

Purpose of collecting personal data

Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") and the affiliated shops (each store in the mall * same below) collect data to operate effectively and provide you the best information that you are interested in.

Personal data management

  1. Collecting your personal data

    In case of collecting your personal data, our company needs to have the customer written an agreement document which clarifes the purpose of use.
    Our company collects limited personal data for operating our service effectively and for marketing purpose such as sending our brochures and leaflets.

  2. Use of personal data

    Our company and the affiliated shops use the collected personal data for marketing such as new services, products and upcoming events based on the agreement document. We will never use the collected data excessively.

  3. Disclosure of personal data

    We will not provide your personal data to unrelated third parties without your consent. (unless required to do so bt a court of competent jurisdiction.) The privacy policy of protecting your personal data is same as that of our company in such a situation that our outsourcing company, which we judge it trustworthy, deals with the personal data we collected.

  4. Management and protection of personal information

    From the point of view of respecting our customers' privacy, we recognize that personal must be protected and strictly contolled.
    In addition, in order to prevent your personal data from leaking to others, we will make efforts to control appropriately and improve it.

  5. Correction and delating of personal data

    We will make effort to keep your personal data accurate and latest. In addition, we will disclose your personal data on your own request for updating and delating. (It may have some restrictions or commision fee.)


Registering with our compnay means your consent for our privacy policy.
We may change, add or delete the privacy policy above in need, which will be disclosed on our website.
We take it f or granted that you have consented our changes of privacy policy in case that you keep using the card.

Responsibility for personal data management

The customers' personal data will be managed by Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd.
For inquiries for privacy policy of "Keihan Distribution Systems" , please contact with the person in charge of personal data management department.

Phone inquiry:
【Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd. : 06-6944-3087】
Operating hours:
9:30 - 18:00 (closed weekends, public holidays and facility holidays)

Reception procedure

Please submit the application form prescribed by our company to disclose your data. In that case, please apply by telephone to the reception counter printed above. Details of the procedure will be informed on the phone, and after confirming your identity (or your deputy), we will reply by mail. Also, please understand that it may take certain days to answer.
In addition, we will charge commision fee for 500 yen for your disclosure request.

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About security

Some of the pages on our website include links to external websites. Please confirm the privacy policy for the personal data on the external website.
We do not take any responsibility for the damage by abuse of the personal data occurred on these external websites.