nishiki uoriki

nishiki uoriki


Founded in 1919 in Kyoto's famed Nishiki Market, Nishiki Uoriki radiates the seasonality and chic of Kyoto in a bar style that focused on the traditional pike conger dishes.

Nishiki Uoriki, founded in 1919, is taking a bar-style approach to its location in Kyoto Tower Sando. At Nishiki Market, known as the "kitchen of Kyoto", Uoriki has proudly served pike conger that has long been a favorite of both locals and tourists alike. The seafood cuisine is centered around pike conger, with offerings such as tempura, cutlet, and skewer dishes. An annual contract ensures that fresh pike conger will always be available, and delicious taste is given the highest priority thanks to the careful selection and bone cutting done by skilled artisans. Uoriki will continue to provide the flavor that everyone loves.

Seafood and Kushiage (Japanese deep fried skewers)
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The ever-popular pike conger that Nishiki Uoriki offers at Nishiki Market year-round. At the Kyoto Tower Sando location, in addition to tempura and cutlet, a new "Arare-Age" (crusted with rice crackers and deep-fried) variation is included, giving you a total of three fluffy, crispy, and crunchy flavors to enjoy.
Specialty Pike Conger Tasting Set ¥1080 (tax included)

The highlight of the lunch menu is shrimp, the king of tempura. It's a shrimp extravaganza, with five pieces of plump shrimp tempura topping a rice bowl! A great choice for when you want a touch of luxury during your lunch break away from work or your own private time. This ambitious offering was created with the desire to satisfy, not to make a profit.
Luxurious Shrimp Extravaganza Rice Bowl ¥1280 (tax included)