The chef at Restaurant Cameron in Kyoto's Gokomachi offers up Western-style skewers with a casual flair paired with carefully selected wine.

CAMERON BAR, a Western-style skewer bar with its roots in the popular Restaurant CAMERON, is located in a renovated early Meiji-era townhouse in Gokomachi. The diverse lineup boasts skewer dishes that utilize the skills of a chef with a background in French cuisine, featuring fresh seafood, meat, and seasonal Kyoto vegetables. You can order each item individually or go with one of the set offerings, such as the 20-piece set that is sure to satisfy, or the 8-piece set that pairs perfectly with a drink. CAMERON BAR also offers lunchtime fare from Restaurant CAMERON that is also recommended, including the popular CAMERON Special Curry and the Lunch of the Day.

Western-style Skewers / Bar and Wine
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A 20-piece set that lets you enjoy a variety of flavors from standard to seasonal. Take your time and fully appreciate the delicious tastes of cutlets, grilled items, and other pieces proudly recommended by the chef. You can also personalize the taste by adding your choice of any of the four original sauces such as salt and ponzu sauce, garlic sauce, and tartar sauce. When dining at the counter, we will offer you freshly made skewers one at a time, a mini-size CAMERON Special Curry to finish the meal, and also dessert.
Western-Style Skewer 20-Piece Set ¥2,500 (incl. tax)

A set of eight carefully selected popular skewers such as plump shrimp, juicy roast duck, and the Kyoto specialty namafu (steamed wheat gluten and glutinous rice) for some unique local flair, along with one drink. The moderate size makes it a great choice for when you want a before-dinner drink or when you're feeling a little hungry.
Tipsy Set ¥1,200 (incl. tax)

Restaurant CAMERON's incredibly popular curry is now available as a lunch dish. The curry has been simmered for a long time to bring out the depth and richness of the ingredients. This lunchtime meal also includes homemade pickles and a salad for even greater value.
CAMERON Special Curry Lunch ¥880 (incl. tax)