Kimono Rental wargo

Kimono Rental wargo


A multitude of economical rentals in a variety styles is possible at overwhelmingly low prices!

We are a kimono rental store that boasts 167,513 kimono rentals per year (2019 actual results).
We have a wide variety of kimonos from the most popular antique designs to flowery patterns. With prices starting from 3,278 yen (tax incl.), you can easily stroll the streets of Kyoto in a kimono.
In addition, accessories like kanzashi hairpins are included in all plans, so you can come to the store empty-handed, without having coordinated this and that in advance. We also developed services for men, such as the Men's Kimono Plan and the Couple's Plan. You can rent the day of without a reservation, so feel free to come in.
*Please note that customers with reservations will be given priority.

Kimono Rental
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Kimono rental from 3,278 yen including fitting and accessories!
Kimono Rental wargo offers the extremely low price of 3,278 yen+ including fitting and accessories.
You can easily rent a kimono for sightseeing, a date, or a school trip.
You can also choose the kimono you like from a wide range of designs and colors depending on your intended use.

Same-day reservation and no accessories? No problem.
If there is availability, you can rent it the same day.
*In-store rental prices may vary from online prices.
Everything from hairstyling to accessories is provided. So no need to bring extras, no matter your plans!
Because we are wargo, with stores specializing in Japanese accessories spanning the nation, we are prepared with an abundant variety of bags, kanzashi hairpins, and accessories.

We have many of the newest kimonos!
We have a variety of kimono plans, including Standard, High-End, Mamechiyo Modern, Antique, Taisho Romance, and Couple plans.
Free fitting, tabi socks, kanzashi hairpins, and accessories are also available.
If you are a first time kimono renter or even a repeat customer, the merit of wargo is enjoying various kimono styles each time you visit.

Your whole kimono outfit will come together
We lend out kanzashi hairpins and provide simple hair styling for free.
From 550 yen, we do more elaborate hair styling for those who want it.
Please check our official homepage for hairstyle sample images.