Thai Viet Kitchen Lemonglass

Thai Viet Kitchen Lemonglass


Our restaurant specializes in Thai and Vietnamese street food, providing dishes and ambiance overflowing with local flavor.

Despite being in Kyoto, you’ll feel like you're eating on a street-corner diner in Thailand and Vietnam. The food, plates, and cutlery make it feel like you’ve been transported to another land. We temper the spiciness so you can fully enjoy your meal. For lunch, we prepare set meals that allow you to enjoy various items on the menu.

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This Thai curry is incredibly popular in Japan. The authentic green curry combines aromatic Thai herbs with sweet coconut milk for a moderate degree of spiciness. Enjoy alongside Jasmine rice.

This Thai street food is one of our most popular items. The sweet-and-spicy stir-fry combines minced chicken with Thai herbs, and goes perfectly with jasmine rice.

"Pad thai" is a popular Thai fried noodle dish, with minimal spiciness and an irresistibly delicious sweet-and-sour flavor. Though "Pad thai" is made with simple ingredients, the tasty sauce ties everything together. The combination of rice noodles and special sauce makes is simply delicious.

Eating these fresh spring rolls almost feels like eating a salad. Your body and mind will feel refreshed. Dip in our special, light, sweet-and-sour sauce.