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"Hashiyamansaku" chopstick shop was founded with the aim of “Making all kinds of chopsticks”. We use traditional laquering techniques (Wajima, Tsugaru and Wakasa lacquerware) to make our “Kyoto-Takeda Chopsticks”, and our chopstick rests are made using Kiyomizu and Kyutani earthenware firing techniques. We stock more than 800 different items made with rare timber such as Yoshino and Yaku cedarwood, all proudly made in Japan, using traditional Japanese crafting techniques. As well as a large range of chopsticks and chopstick rests, we also stock unique gift boxes for special occasions such as births, weddings and graduations. Those looking for gifts will also enjoy browsing our shop.

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"Gion" Chopsticks 3,672 yen / set
Made with Kyoto Bamboo. Bamboo chopsticks are not slippery and are very light to handle.

“Maiko” Chopstick box for 2 sets of chopsticks 1,728 yen
A gift box that holds two sets of chopsticks and 2 chopstick rests. Made out of pawlonia wood, this gift box is a luxurious choice of present for those you value highly. Very suitable for anniversaries, birthdays, wedding gifts and other important celebrations.
*Chopsticks and chopstick rests sold separately.

“Higan” Chopstick box for 1 set of chopsticks, 1,296 yen
A gift box for 1 set of chopsticks. A light, airtight box suitable for storing and preserving your precious chopsticks.
*Chopsticks and chopstick bags are sold separately.

"Wagashi" Japanese sweets chopstick rests 1,728 / rest
Very cute chopstick rests made in the shape of different Japanese sweets. The colors will bring a nice touch to your dining table setting.
*Chopsticks sold separately.