Kyo doai

Kyo doai


Local Kyoto Sake you can't buy anywhere else

From local Kyoto beer not sold anywhere else to sake and shochu from Kyotango, this shop offers a wide selection of rare products.
Making the bold choice not to include alcohol from Fushimi, which is famous for its sake, the shop manager goes to the countryside to examine sake and select products for the shop.
Makes the perfect present for family, friends, and of course, for yourself. You may just find the perfect sake.

Kyoto Sake
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[Local Beer]
With seven different kinds of local beer from Tango Kingdom, all with different flavors, men and women young and old will find a flavor that they can enjoy.
Furthermore, the packages feature illustrations of the seven princesses of Tango, making this product not only fun to drink, but fun to look at as well.

A selection of local Kyoto shochu. We sell shiso (perilla), rice, and potato by weight on the spot.
We believe in bottling on location.

A medium-dry sake made at the Higashiyama Brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto.
With its specialized brewing methods, Higashiyama Brewery honors sake's history and tradition, continually pursuing authentic flavors. Enjoy the specially crafted junmai sake.

[Kyo no Ume Wine]
With a deep committment to the main ingredient, this plum wine is made entirely from plums stringently selected from Aotani, Kyoto.
Enjoy a sophistication and presence of flavor not found in other plum wines.