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Just like a real one! Let's make a mouth-watering food sample.

The food sample specialty shop "Design Pocket" is a shop where you can experience the production of food samples, such as matcha parfait and sushi, which is part of the unique Japanese culture. All the items used in our experience are also made by food reprica craftperson one by one. We also have a corner where you can buy various Kyoto local unique goods.

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Food replica (sushi) production experience is that you can make kaiten-zush 2-piece set by choosing salmon roe and your favorite sushi-neta (Ingredients topped of sushi).
First you need to paint the sushi-neta that could be real one, then drawing an eye to a salmon roe, sticking it to the rice and applying varnish for the finishing stage. Since the rotating sushi dish is a magnet, it can be magnatized to a refrigerator or just used as it is. Food replica production experience kaiten-zushi 2-piece set, 3,480 yen.

Kyoto-like green tea parfait food replica making experience is that you can choose ice cream one or gelato one in accordance with difficulty level. First, color the sponge. Then, top the preparation with chestnuts and whipped cream Finally, finish it with Matcha sauce just like a patissier. It is interesting that personality comes out depending on how you arrange and use the sauce. After being completed, it can be used as a memo holder.
Food replica production experience Matcha parfait 2,980 yen.

It can not only be enjoyed as an ornament, but also for practical use as a magnet to hold paper and a memo holder to decorate something with photo. These popular food replicas are popular within and outside of Japan. They are so well done that they can almost be mistaken for real food. Therefore, we are sure that their playful and funny appearance will give you a little chuckle. We recommend you to make your own food replica that you made as a souvenir.

On top of experiences, we also sell miscellaneous goods. We do not only sell the items lining up in the showcase display at the shop front. In fact, we also have unique accessories such as headband and hair rubber and unique miscellaneous goods such as magnet and smart phone case. The quality feel of the material, added to the personalization make our goods an interesting topic of conversation.