Let's make some traditional crafts of historic Kyoto! Casual making of original items

Akaneya is a painting workshop produced by a craftsman specialized in Kyoto’s 350 years old traditional Kiyomizu wares. You can experience painting on teacups, mugs, folding fans, ceramic bells and glasses among other things. That’s not all, other activities such as Nenju bracelet making with colorful natural stones are featured as well. Since our staff supports every customer, even beginners will have the satisfaction to complete their task. The time required for the experience is about 60 minutes. Potteries and folding fans has to be shipped later on, but the other items can be taken away.

Traditional Crafts Experience
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The "Experience of painting"consists of drawing different colors on a glazed and fired ceramic container. You can draw a picture with five exclusive colors a Kiyomizu ware or a mug. Not only pottery but also painting glass cups (3 colors) are available. It can be reworked even if you are not skilled at drawing, so do not worry. It can be used not only as a memory of travel but also as a gift for an anniversary. Kiyomizu ware painting experience 1,620 yen ~. (* additional shipping fee)

You can draw with a pencil sketches on this special fan-shaped Japanese paper. Pictures, letters and colors among other things can be freely drawn. Therefore, you won't be able to find elsewhere this self-made fan-shaped designs. The finished picture is formed into a fan together with a incense flavored white bamboo made in the workshop. It takes about a month for the shipping to arrive at your place. Kyoto fan folding painting experience, 2,400 yen.

This assortment of colorful natural gemstones is made according to the customer's preference, and is finished into a rosary bracelet with a string. The color tone varies according to the combination and the order of arrangement. Let's wish for a colorful natural stone and make one original royal bracelet in the world. A rosary bracelet making experience 1,620 yen.

While feeling the traditional Japanese history with the Kyoto-style crafts, you can challenge yourself and make handy crafts that can also be used in an everyday life situation. The access to our shop is easy, the experience last only about an hour, so please incorporate it in your tour schedule. It is ideal for making memories of your trip, whether you come in a group, family or school excursions.