Daiki Suisan Sushi SEMINAR

Daiki Suisan Sushi SEMINAR


Be a sushi chef! Sushi making workshop right in front of Kyoto Station

Daiki Suisan proposes you to experience the making of nigiri sushi with fresh fish proudly raised in aquifer. The delicate fish is prepared in Kyoto Tower 1F "DELI DAIKISUISAN". Our sushi chef teaches conscientiously every steps while showing the manipulation, so even a beginner, a child or a foreign person can join this enjoyable moment. We provide three courses, 3,000 yen (8 pieces), 3,500 yen (10 pieces) and 4,000 yen (12 pieces). The event is being held 5 times a day.

Sushi Making Workshop
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First the seasoned rice was put into a sushi bucket. Then the preliminarily separated onigiri topping were prepared and are cooked one by one by the chef in order to explain the process step by step. It is unexpectedly difficult to hold or rather "grasp" the sushi rice in the hand. If you become able to know the knack through this experience, you may want to brag about in front of your friends.

The sushi used for the making experience is mainly popular "Daiki Suisan" menu including tuna, salmon, shrimp among other things. In general, eating the sushi you just made will probably make you excited to feel the wonderfulness of what it is to be a sushi chef. A special experience that was unlikely to happen in Kyoto, perfect to recall the trip. Why not visit with your parents and friends?

One experience lasts about 1h20min. Please grasp the sushi and savor it with a red soup stock. In the Japanese fish soup stock miso soup, the large amount of flopping fish that we put is the same soup stock as provided in "Daiki Suisan" on the basement floor. The taste of sushi freshly made is exceptional! Enjoy Japanese food experience in Kyoto.