Hand-made seasonal Japanese confectionary

The well-established Japanese traditional confectionery "7jyo-kansyundo” offers you the possibility to experience Japanese sweets making. It consists of creating Japanese-style sweets, or “Wagashi”, with motifs in accordance to the season. Since the preparation do not require complicated techniques and utensils, not only the beginners but also for chrildren and foreigners can make it easily. Those events are being held 4 times a day and last about 60 minutes each. It costs 2,530 yen per person. We also provide special school trip excursion programs in our confectionery, during which short courses are given. This formula comes to a price of 1,980 yen per person.

Japanese Confectionery Making Workshop
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A sweet pastry with cherry blossom motifs. The flatten and spread elegant pink dough was wrapped in Ogura jelly. We shaped the dough with the fingers in order to obtain a petal like dent. Gradually it became a cherry blossom form thanks to the spatula cutting. Since the tool is only spatula, hand molding using is the main work. It can be made relatively easily.

"Brown straw squeeze" using three-color paste. We lined up the yellow, green, pink ones in circle and round it with bean paste. Wrap it in a tea cloth, put our finger on each color and squeeze until it stretches completely. On the picture, "Spring oh la la" spring motifs. There are also Asagao flower and Japanese bush warbler bird motifs depending on the season.

Let's place some konashi (white bean jam) and mashed sweet potatoes slices on kokura bean. The point is to dive the chopsticks in the bean paste so that they slide on both sideways. Finally, in order to be completed we need to choose the rape blossoms looking bean paste and place it on the top. Although it is a process that puts the mashed sweet potatoes randomly, it is necessary to balance the whole dessert. Interestingly, a sort of personality somehow comes out of each finished products.

You can experience making 4 Japanese sweets and 1 dried candy. You can then taste them with green tea. The remaining Japanese sweets can be taken home as souvenirs. One Japanese sweet is made in about 10 minutes. The total experience time last about 1 hour.