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"Matsukiyo" drugstore supports your beauty and healh

Matsumoto Kiyoshi offers a wide lineup of products including pharmaceuticals, health foods, cosmetics, contact lenses related items among other things. Our large selection of items will support your self-medication, from everyday life needs to travels’ troubles. For shopping, we recommend you to use the Matsumoto Kiyoshi official application ! Friendly staff is waiting for your visit from the bottom of their heart.

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Highly blended rice bran oil and plant-derived cleansing ingredients make-up float and embrace the skin with the organic sweet almond oil moisturizing veil. Organic moisturizing cleansing oil firmly removes thick makeup. Algae Lan Moist Cleansing Milk 150 g 1,045 yen.

Toothpaste gel made of Greek traditional herbs combined with a mastic type (fragrance). Assortment of fluoride (sodium fluoride) used to prevent the development and progression of dental cavities. We recommend this medicinal toothpaste for gum care, matsukiyo LAB mastic dental 60g 1,614 yen.

With our renewed original hair organic care Argelan series, the skin and hair will become beautiful. Balancing M scalp series · Damage repair oil series shampoo, original treatment, 1,655 yen each.

A series focusing on the mechanism of skins with acne and freckle tendencies. Eliminate "old keratin", the cause of skin dullness . Gently removing old keratin that became thick because of turnover disorder, it makes the skin brighter. Bran White Clear Lotion (medicated beauty whitening moisturizing lotion) 160 ml, 2,970 yen.