Kyoto sweets that will make you smile and happy

In 1865, Higashiyama Shichijo was founded. Our traditional Kyoto-style confectionery production has been focusing on the spirit of tea ceremony since its establishment, therefore it is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Indeed, the skillful masters has been succeeding over 7th generations. Surely, the seasonal fresh Japanese sweets can be cracked and eaten after serving the tea a couple of times, but it can also be consumed with adzuki beans, cold tofu, Kyoto's pure mineral water or soy water. All the sweets contain the true heart of a craftsman who wishes the customer's pleasure.

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"Sakura Wasanbon dry confectionery Wasanbon" using Wasanbon of Shikoku island, Sanuki. This gentle and mouth melting taste is popular regardless of age and sex. There are motifs such as hydrangea and autumnal leaves according to the season. Besides the sweets symbolizing Japan's cherry blossoms are popular among tourists from overseas as well. One box 13 pieces, 810 yen.

Our spring-like Kyoto traditional confectionery was made by pouring sweet bean jelly stuffed sakura rice cake on top of Ogura jelly. The pickled in salt cherry blossoms petals we arranged in a fashion to represent cherry blossoms flowing on the surface of a frozen water. The elegant sweetness and texture of the jelly in this beautiful product is something to enjoy once in a lifetime. One piece, 240 g, 918 yen.

The "Goldfish homemade jelly candy" was imaged to the famous "Kingyo Damazu(gold fish in a sphere)" painted by "Ryūjo · Kamisaka Sekka". It represents the elegant and gorgeous silhouette of a goldfish with scattered gold leaves. The goldfish and pebbles in amber jelly are handmade by red bean paste artisans. Because of this characteristic every single piece is unique, therefore it would be a waste to cut off one part of them. One stick, 240 g, 1,080 yen.

This product was born with the idea that "We want customers to enjoy the taste of a simple tea". The creative "Tea ceremony and matcha" set, is served in an tea room. Inside, we have matcha tea, tea whisk, tea pudding, Chinese jujube tea caddy, tea bowls are all together and perfect for gifts. The tea bowl is made of sweets ingredients including cinnamon and potato. It is even possible to eat the bowl by breaking it. Dried confectionery such as rakugan and wasanbon comes to the price 8,100 yen.