Gluten free sweets made of red bean paste by a popular bean shop

Established in 1950, the Anko shop at Horikawa Sanjo offers ingenious Anko (red bean paste) sweets. We use rice flour for both cookies and cakes as a raw material to enhance the deliciousness of anko. Because it is gluten free and without the use of any flour, it is gentle to your body. Therefore, you can use it as a snack of various other settings regardless of your age.

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Made with kneaded raw white bean paste, this is the most popular cookie of "TOSHOAN". Even though we use simple ingredients, the cookie's unique mellow texture makes it difficult to stop eating. Comes in a nice package and plenty of flavors: Plain, Green tea (matcha), Soybean flour, Raspberry, Earl Gray, Lemon and 6 more. AN DE COOKIE, 480 yen each.

At "TOSHOAN", we use natural water and cook the red bean paste in a copper kettle over an open fire. Deliciously made by a red bean paste-specialized shop, the high-quality Tanba-Dainagon azuki beans we use are sweet and tasty, easy to spread on bread, and delicious when accompanied with ice cream. Tanba Dainagon bean paste, 640 yen.

Japanese pudding, with a strong but simple taste. Plain using refined sugar, powdered with the first harvested Uji green tea of the year, with some slightly sweet red beans and red bean milk, the strong flavor of the "couverture chocolate" spreads in your mouth along with the four other flavors. Nameraka Pudding (smooth pudding), 280 yen each.

Zenzai Rich Chocolate, 1,180 yen, is an original chocolate made by a anko specialized (red bean paste) shop. We added a dense Belgian chocolate to the traditional red bean soup from Hokkaido, Tokachi city. The soft and flaky texture gives a smooth and gentle mouth-feel to azuki bean flavored taste. This product uses cherry brandy flavour.