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We are a shop of seven spices blend, with its head office located in Sannaizaka near Kiyomizu Temple. In the "Maiko Han - Hii ~" serie, which is our flagship product, we use "Habanero", a chilli pepper said to be ten times as hot as the ones on the marker.
By further blending with other kinds of red pepper, the overwhelming delicious and extremely spicy taste will spread in your mouth. In addition to Ichimi and Shichimi, there are also chili oil and curry sauce.

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The famous "Maiko Ha Hi ~ Hi ~ Series" contains crispy light curry rice crackers for 4864 yen. its is also popular as a souvenir. There is also a small piece of round curry crackers, as well as "arare" biscuits made from soybeans. Convenient universal seasoning, 756 yen. Served with rice oil, this spicy and delicious flavor will never be forgotten once you have tried it.

We offer three kinds of "furikake" (dried food sprinkled over rice), that can make the rice tastier to the extent that you will ask for a second helping ! Served on sweet-smelling green onions this spice is delicious. Kyoto chili oil, 594 yen.

We used a domestically produced Habaneroro chili grown by a contract farmer. The peppers are very hot but delicious, with a smooth texture, and grown in our factory. In terms of spiciness and flavor, we take pride in this extremely spicy product ("Kyoukara" spiciness level). Maiko Han Hi Hi (red pepper, blend of seven spices) One can, 702 yen.

Kyoto's condiment series of cans (total of 9 cans), 432~702 yen. Contains Japan produced red peppers, such as the Hontaka red pepper or the Golden red pepper as well as millstone ground Asakura pepper. This series of red pepper and blend of seven spices offers different levels of spiciness, from mild to very hot. Try the flavor and the spiciness you like, and choose the ones that will fit your cooking best.