Long established Kyoto pickles shop in Nishijin

Our store was founded in Nishijin when the sound of the weaving machines could be heard, one hundred years ago. Since then, we have been producing "tsukemono", Japanese pickled vegetables, indispensable for the daily life of Kyoto people.One of our concern is to choose fresh domestic vegetables from Kyoto that have a juicy taste and aroma, as well as a subtle salted tone for a chewy texture. We try to deliver a taste that has been certified by experts from the selection of vegetables to the end result everyday.

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We produce Japanese pickles or "tsukemono". This includes, gently pickled cabbage, carrots and ginger, which are soaked in salted soybean, rolled in "konbu" (kelp), and again pickled in soy sauce soup stock. Because you can enjoy the taste of the overlapping ingredients, please cut the tsukemono and savour it. Five kinds of Kyoto soy sauce flavored, 864 yen.

"Kyoto soy sauce pickles and Nishijin pickles" which values raw ingredients from the local Kyoto prefecture, handmade salt-pickling products. As a famous tsukemono made by skilled craftsmen, it has an outstanding flavor, texture, and fermentation taste. We also have pickled cucumber,pickled in blue, in Mibuna plant and in mustard. In total five kinds of Kyoto's tsukemono. Kyoto soy sauce and Nishijin pickles, 120 g, 648 yen each.

We sell our specialty product: "shiba cucumber" in barrels. Salted for more than 3 months, fully fermented cucumbers, pickled with eggplant, ginger, red shiso, soaked in soy sauce soup and not sterilized with heat. It has the reputation to be chewy and different in flavor. Barrel sushi Nishijin Tsubaki pickled mass sale 100g, 540 yen. In KYOTO TOWER SANDO, it is being sold on limited days.

Domestically produced fresh yam potato. They are soaked in wasabi stalks giving them, a firm chewing texture and a hot spicy touch. Recommended with sake, wasabi flavor Chinese yam 170g, 702 yen. In the spring, we offer plum taste Chinese yam in limited edition.