Kyotomeika Otabe / Kyo Baum

Kyotomeika Otabe / Kyo Baum


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Now available: famous Kyoto confections including “otabe,” a red bean paste yatsuhashi, and “Kyo-baum,” a matcha baumkuchen with soy milk. Seasonal otabe comes in a smaller “kotabe” size for snacking, and Kyo-baum showcases fresh ingredients in a baked confection—delicious with soft-serve ice cream! Be sure to give these products a try when you visit Kyoto.

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Kyo Baum 3.5 cm, 1,296 yen. Using a highly flavored Uji tea and Kyoto soy milk, the Bamukuchen was baked repeatedly in order to obtain a fluffy and gentle mouth-feel. Enjoy the spongy fabric feels with the vibrant colors of blended Uji matcha and soy milk mellow taste.

Kyo Baum sablé 10 pieces, 626 yen. The popular Kyoto Baum is a Baumkuchen type of sablé. It is a good combination of a shiny green and white. This sablé was baked with Morihan Uji green tea and Soy Milk, giving a bit of bitterness to the taste. When in mouth, it melts down softly. You will not be able to forget this crispy texture.

Assortment of Yatsuhashi Otabe stuffed with coarse red bean paste : cinnamon and matcha flavors, 10 pieces, 594 yen. As a standard staple, this is an assortment of Matcha wrapped in homemade cinnamon-seasoned cracknel with matcha dough. This package expresses Higashiyama's landscape. Let's remember the memories of the trip while eating and comparing the two tastes.

The small Otababe, Kotabe cinnamon flavor (5 bites size packs), 400 yen. Recommended as a snack for yourself. Packages will change according to the seasons and we are happy being able to bring the four seasons of Kyoto to your trip memories. In addition to the standard cinnamon, we have other flavors such as Matcha, Chocolate and seasonal flavor.