A traditional atsuhashi shop founded in 1689 ( Yatsuhashi; soft cinnamon cake with bean paste)

In 1689, the sweet candy "Yatsuhashi" shaped as a Koto instrument was born. Since then, for over 320 years, it has been a sweet loved by everyone. Because Yatsuhashi's preparation is simple, raw materials counts even more. It's traditional taste has a perfume of cinamon. Many of our popular products are suitable for souvenirs. The classic Yatsuhashi that has been in existence for many years, as well as the raw Yatsuhashi with bean paste such as "Sei" .

Kyoto Confectionery Yatsuhashi
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Assortment of "Yatsuhashi" (cinnamon seasoned cracknel), baked in the form of the Japanese traditional instrument called "Koto". Our preparation consist of a rice flour and sugar mix flavored with cinnamon. It has crispy texture which will give an ancient feeling. The retro package resembles to Kyoto. Shogoin Yatsuhashi, 540 yen.

Raw Yatsuhashi (cinnamon seasoned cracknel) elaborated with rice flour and sugar's elegant taste. It is possible to savour not only the white and smooth texture but also the taste of matcha. Besides, boxes for each seasons in the ancient capital (spring on the picture) are also great for souvenirs. Raw Yabashi (matcha tea), 20 pieces each, 540 yen.

Two sets of "Hijiri" pieces, wrapping up home-made coarse red bean paste in a raw crackel called Yatsuhashi. Our Yatsuhashi are an association of slighty sweet cinnamon and Matcha. This unique Kyoto-style assortment comes with a packaging changing according to the seasons, from spring to summer. Recommended for souvenirs. Hijiri Saika (Matcha Assorted) 10 pieces, 540 yen.

Stick shaped Yatsuhashi sweets, lightly baked and rolled one by one. The ingredients and taste are kept intact to make those newly shaped Yatsuhashi. Coming with two enjoyable taste, cinnamon and coffee. "Cannelle" means cinnamon in French. Each "Cannelle" costs 540 yen.