Kyotomeika Otabe

Kyotomeika Otabe


Standard delicious souvenirs from Kyoto

Otabe-chan is a landmark for its speciality, the "Yatsuhashi". Our classic Yatsuhashi otabe is a raw cracknel stuffed with coarse sweet red bean paste and prepared in accordance with each season.
One of our partner grind the domestic Koshihikari variety brown rice in order to obtain the rice flour. There is also, the lightly cooked"Tokachi" beans, a production of Hokkaido. Finally, you can enjoy the taste of the best classified Japanese mineral water, born in "Wakasa Kuromaku no Iruku" and carried to Kyoto every day.

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The small Otababe, Kotabe cinnamon flavor (5 bites size packs), 378 yen. Recommended as a snack for yourself. Packages will change according to the seasons and we are happy being able to bring the four seasons of Kyoto to your trip memories. In addition to the standard cinnamon, we have other flavors such as Matcha, Chocolate and seasonal flavor.

If you don't know what souvenir to bring back, this is what we recommend! Tsubuhan Yatsuhashi (cinnamon seasoned cracknel), 10 pcs, 540 yen. This Kyoto's excellent confection was made in two steps. After kneading cinnamon to a carefully mile-stoned Yatsuhashi batter, our pâtissier gently wrapped the red bean paste with it. While keeping an old-fashioned taste, it is an innovative food. Enjoy the modern taste of a classic food souvenir.

Assortment of Yatsuhashi Otabe stuffed with coarse red bean paste : cinnamon and matcha flavors, 10 pieces, 540 yen. As a standard staple, this is an assortment of Matcha wrapped in homemade cinnamon-seasoned cracknel with matcha dough. This package expresses Higashiyama's landscape. Let's remember the memories of the trip while eating and comparing the two tastes.

Ten seasonal Otabe, 540 yen. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, we are selling a limited amount of Otabe for each season. In spring, until the end of April, we offer two types of assortments: cherry-colored sakura rice cake flavored anko (red bean paste) and sakura flavored smooth anko both wrapped in a raw Yatsuhashi (cracknel). You can enjoy the fragrance of the season's flavor without using cinnamon.