Kyoto confectionery shop stimulating the 5 senses

Kyoto is deeply related to sweets, it is said that "history of sweets in Kyoto is the history of sweets in Japan". "KARAKU" is a confectionery brand born in the traditional capital of Japan, Kyoto. For "KARAKU" the "five senses" are important. Not only is it delicious, but because the creators used all of their senses to deliver those sweets, it is made in such a way that customers can enjoy it with all five senses.

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Baumkuchen with plenty use of “Sakura egg”, luxury Kyoto originated egg. Very rich flavor of yolk, soft and gentle texture would surely satisfy you. KARAKU Hiyoko-Baum 1,120 yen.

A bite-size type of Hiyoko-Baum. Assortment of “plain” with rich yolk flavor, “Uji Matcha” using Matcha leaf of traditional Marukyu-Koyamaen, and “Kyo-Hojicha” a Kyoto roasted green tea.KARAKU Hiyoko-Baum mini Plane,Uji Matcha, Kyo-Hojicha 230yen each.

Our patisserie is specialized in tea based confectionery. "When talking about Uji-cha anywhere in Japan, the first thing that comes to mind is matcha". We have all sort of matcha based products, such as "matcha langue de chat". You will fall in love with the harmonious taste of tea and chocolate spreading in the mouth. KARAKU Matcha Langue de Chat 12 pieces, 918 yen.

Our confectionery was designed to represent the old snowy days of Kyoto. The white chocolate stuffed thin baked Langue de Chat has a one bite gentle and crispy texture, as if you would step in the snow. KARAKU Koyuki Langue de chat 12 pieces, 756 yen.