Confectionery shop of an history of 80 years providing timeless kinako sweets

We are a Kinako sweet specialized store, and our head office is located in front of Kyoto Gion Chion-in Temple. Our wide pastry selection contains bracken starch dumplings made with roasted Kinako powder, high-quality soybeans gathered from travels throughout Japan and Euro-Japanese style confectionery cakes that has a new amazing flavor. Please enjoy simple but elegant sweets for which a special concern was put on raw materials and savoir-faire. Our recipe evolved throughout the generations after more than 80 years since its establishment by the predecessor Japanese confectionery shop "Keikado".

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Our sandwich incorporates a rich caramel butter cream and pickled plum in a biscuit dough using deep roasted soy flour. The baked confectionery is a good combination of soy flour and caramel, which can be enjoyed by adults too. Soy flour caramel sandwich, 8 pieces for 1,490 yen.

Our gently baked financier (pastry) contains roasted Soybean flour, Uji matcha and wheat flour cultivated in Hokkaido. Together with French confectionery's butter flavor, the Japanese subtle taste of soy flour is perceptible. Japanese Financier 4 pieces, 745 yen.

This three layers crispy brownie, incorporates the finest almonds, as well as roasted soy flour based joconde dough and white chocolate couverture. Each layer of those pastries has an original chocolate soy flour blend produced in the ancient capital, Kyoto. It comes in a six pieces packaging for 1,296 yen.

A home-made roasted soy flour, and Wasanbon, refined Japanese sugar were used. This is a real "Warabi" rice cake carefully cooked with 100% bracken starch flour produced in South Kyushu. Even though it is soft and elastic, the texture melting in your mouth is unforgettable, especially when you eat it in one go. We also added some black honey, and we would like you to taste it. Real Warabi mochi 150g, 1,080 yen.