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Iwai is a shop putting together a wide range of fragrance items that will colorize your everyday life, including incense and paste perfume. We would like to propose the perfect product according to each customer's preference over a diverse lineup of articles for healing and moisturizing. In addition, we have plenty of four seasons Kyoto style goods. Kyoto's small items such as the graceful Kyoto printed silk, are made out of traditional materials, which is why we recommend them for gifts and souvenirs.

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Netsuke is made with the brightly colored Chirimen crepe fabric. In order to make this product, we put together long cherished Japanese flowers such as sakura cherry trees, peach and camellia. We recommend to choose the patterns according to each season. You may attach them to some accessories, for instance bags or wallets. Or just use them as small souvenirs. Chirimen Netsuke, 550 yen each.

Those KYO TENUGUI use cloth dyed one by one in the "Chusen" traditional technique. Besides having a good water absorbency, it has a unique blurry design thanks to the Chusen technique. There are a lot of different patterns such as the "Panda Rickshaw" featuring a panda drawing a rickshaw, or adorable rabbits carrying lanterns with "Gion Rabbits". KYO TENUGUI, 1,045 yen~.

Sanshisuimei stick MIX (3,080 yen), expresses through incense the natural richness of Kyoto, such as mountains and rivers. This product contains carefully selected raw materials and formulated according to their own recipe. A fragrance reminiscent of Kyoto's land, with "Moonlight of Arashiyama" "Babbling of Kamogawa", is confined in this incense. It should be handy for relaxing time before receiving visitors or at the end of the day. Five containers with 12 sticks each.

This cream perfume contains a classic smell of Japanese harmony, feeling of coolness and cleanliness. Because it uses camellia oil, olive oil and jojoba oil, it has a moisturizing effect and is gentle to the skin. There are 3 kinds of cream : Suikin, Hagoro and Zen. Besides don't miss out the cute packages design of chicks and rabbits. Japanese Solid Perfume ~ Paste Perfume ~ Each 1,100 yen.