Brand of a purse with a metal crasp with a good design and practicality

Our store has plenty of original kiss lock purses with creative designs and "one touch" easy opening. "pocchiri"'s kiss lock purses are 100% "made in JAPAN". Each one contains a craftsman's thought and ingenuity. Please find your favorite design and size among our wide range of choice !

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The cute round-shaped handy front pocket is a hit. Besides, "pocchiri" is a convenient shoulder-type bag especially for going out, which is why it is a best-seller. It can be snapped in one click, therefore it will be perfect as a sub-bag in case of overload travel. "Agris 7.0 flap shoulder", 9,720 yen.

This glasses case just cannot be ignored. This robust box-shaped glasses case can hold large glasses and is very popular. The refine shape is timeless, therefore it may be used by anybody, regardless of their age. We also recommended it as a gift. "Geometric jacquard 5.7 glasses case", 3,024 yen.

Animals such as pandas, lions and polar bears lining up in the same pattern are really lovely. Our new cute items for spring, are in the "4.0 Kushimachi" series, and they are perfect for storing cards and cosmetics. It seems that it can also be used to subdivide handbags well. "Animal March 4.0 Kushimachi", 1,728 yen.

In order to create this product, we imagined the Japanese traditional pattern of a Maiko wearing wooden clogs and holding a coarse oil-paper umbrella in Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital. You can enjoy a delicate touch with this unique woven fabrics as well as a combination of vivid beautiful colors. Ideally sized for coin purses and accessories, "Koto jacquard 2.5 Ojikiki ball", 1,296 yen.