Cocolo Kitchen KYOTO

Cocolo Kitchen KYOTO


Organic granola specialized store

Eating everyday at Cocolo Kitchen will make your heart and body happy. It is the first granola specialty store in Kyoto born with such mindset. Raw organic materials such as anti-aging topical coconut oil and high fiber oatmeal are mostly used in the recipe, so do not worry about your health. For yogurt and breakfast snack toppings ... Why don't you start a granola life leading to beauty?

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Kyoto Matcha No.6 (1,190 yen) has the world most "likes!". This is a blend of organic Sencha tea and the finest Uji tea of Kyoto. Besides the refreshing tea bitterness, we added soy milk, honey and finished up with a rich granola. When matched with milk and soy milk, green tea blends into coulis sauce, so it goes well as a topping on anko(red bean paste), banana and ice cream.

Cocolo Kitchen KYOTO's granola, is an organic product certified by JAS (overseas organic certification), pesticide and chemical fertilizer free. First, the "Chai Special No. 1" contains a low glycemic index coconut sugar. Also, there are more than 11 kinds of granola that you can choose from, according to your taste. We also provide gift boxes.

As low glycemic index beauty food, this product is our recommendation for diet. Our granola can boast about its natural sweetness and aroma. It is a classic flavor that tastes delicious even with cream cheese and toast. "No.2 Premium Maple" (1,290 yen) uses maple sugar and syrup brilliantly.

Kuro Shichimi (seven-flavor chilli pepper) of Hararyokaku has more than 300 years of history. It contains wheat free (gluten free) soy sauce made by the 200 years old Marumata store. It is characterized by a rich aroma of spicy hot peppers. Kuro-Shichimi (Gion Kuro-Shichimi Nuts), 1,190 yen; No. 9 Kuro-Shichimi (Gion Kuro-Shichimi), 1,290 yen.