UCHU wagashi

UCHU wagashi


Japanese sweets with lovely look and delicate texture made from refined japanese sugar.

The contemporary concept of this store specialized in "rakugan", a dry confection of starch, is to offer "Japanese sweets that makes people excited and happy". The making incorporates mellow flavors of "Wasanbon sugar" and the goodness of melt-in-mouth feeling. In addition, those handmade pieces are carefully handled one by one and in accordance with the temperature and humidity of the day.
Rakugan were born from carefully selected materials and handicrafts.They have shapes, colors, and various flavors making them even more pleasant to choose.

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There are 6 flavors (Matcha, Hojicha, Jasmine tea, Rose, Azuki, and Kinako). Ochobo mini costs 540 yen each. The cute one bite-sized Rakugan (dry confection of starch) is our recommendation if you are looking for takeout sweets. Served in a rather attractive colorful package featuring different illustrations for different tastes.

Our "Animal" series features two mild tasting flavors : vanilla and cocoa. It costs 680 yen. There are 8 kinds of designs of cute animals that seems to be moving right in front of you. 6 pieces randomly chosen from : hedgehog, hippopotamus, sea lion, elephant, pig, sheep, horse, and white bear, will make both adults and children happy.

The "Drawing" series brings an innovative concept (680 yen). You can create shapes and forms as if you were drawing with dry starch. These colorful quarter-shaped pieces can be matched together as one pleases. It comes with our popular kit, from which you can create Japanese-style candies by yourself. Not only can you eat it, we also recommend you those sweets as a souvenir because it will bring back some of your own memories.

UCHU wagashi's new concept and wooden molding method come from the elaborate work of skilled craftsmen. They use molds that can be considered as unique pieces of art. Those pieces were handmade with the constant thought of the consumers' satisfaction. Definitely pick one of these innovative Rakugan (dry confection of starch)!