Cro Chet kyoto

Cro Chet kyoto


The oldest store of candy with the oldest history in Kyoto proposes a new era Kyo candy

"Crochet" is a brand produced by the long-established sweet confectionery, "Imanishi Seika" founded 140 years ago. The elaboration of those sweets was made by the association of many years of practice from skillful masters and coloring technology from Europe. The beautiful color combination contains motifs inspired by painting, clothing and handicraft objects. Besides, each flavor is original and taste like nothing you have seen before. Please also enjoy the names and stories attached to each candy.

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One piece of Kyoto Candy costs 540 yen(tax in). Named from motif word, such as Shiraginu Temari and Yugao, Nuihaku-Shirorinzu-Seigaiha. From a range of several varieties, about 10 kinds of popular items and seasonal items were lined up in our store. Of course you can try to taste as well as choose by color, so also pay attention to individual flavors.

Our packaging contains not only white but also various kimono's neckband motifs and colors. In it, you will find a leaflet with the different names and stories. We also have gift boxes that fit perfectly for 2 to 3 items, and you can also choose from a variety of patterns. Since it is possible to attach the special decorations "Mizuhiki", it can be used for all kind of ceremonies.

We also provide boxes for "Hiina" size sets for free. When purchasing two or more items, you can choose according to the number of items you bought (from 2, 3, 5), so feel free to ask the staff members. The basic white illustrated box makes the sweets stand out. Therefore, it seems to be particularly appreciated for small gifts. (* Scheduled to be released mid-May)

The cute small palm-size "HIINA" wallet series costs 345 yen for 1 item.We possess 30 kinds of the popular white silk color, as well as the deep tea color Temari balls (Japanese traditional handball). Recommended for people who want to try different varieties little by little with a more casual size. It will perfectly fit in your handbag. (* Scheduled to be released mid-May)