The makeup brush that makes you smile. Great reputation by models.

Rokkakukan sakurado is cosmetic specialized store mainly focusing on Kyoto's original designs. This brand gathers about 150 different types of make-up brushes, all created by Kumano city's craftsmen. Using refined pieces, such as powder brushes that easily blend on the whole face, smooth head tip cheek brushes or brushes for precise line drawing, it will be an every day utmost pleasure and will inevitably offer satisfaction to all highly sophisticated women.

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The Flower facial cleansing brush has a cute flower blooming like and colorful pastel like design.(Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange) 3,300 yen each. Gently put some face cleanser foam on the facial brush, and wash up easily your face thanks to the fluffy brush.Your skin will become stronger and smoother. It is also recommended for sensitive skin.

Beppin Sakura brush series are reminiscent of the gorgeous cherry blossoms in Kyoto. We tried to bring an exclusive product with a handle decorated with fluffy cute cherry blossom patterns, a firm powder grasp and great coloring thanks to the good brush's hair quality. From the left, the fan-shaped powder brush costs 3,410 yen, the eye shadow brush, 1,980 yen,the cheek brush, 3,190 yen, and the powder brush 3,960 yen.

The Sakura Cherry blossom series has a cherry blossom pattern on the black grip, reflecting the elegance of Kyoto. This product does not only look good but is also reputed for its high-quality goat fur made brush, giving an appropriate thickness and touch. From the left, brush & comb 1,760 yen, teak brush 4,070 yen, powder brush 6,380 yen.

Kyosanjou set (39,600 yen) is a set of makeup brushes made by skilled craftsmen from the long-established makeup studio "Chikuhodo" of Hiroshima Kumano. This studio is one of most famous in the world, for its use of the finest quality hair of handmade components. The grip's ornament of gold & silver foil called "Hakuichi" was made by Kanazawa's craftman. Whereas the makeup brush stand was elaborated with handprint Japanese paper by a Kyoto's craftsman, "Suzuki Shofudou".