Kyoto cosmetics brand with a famous logo "TONCHIKITSUNE"

This cosmetic originally from Kyoto, is a brand issued from a long-established paper store of the Meiji foundation. We have many items that support make-up, such as oil-based blotting paper, reputed to be "hard to collapse", and skin care cosmetics that protects the natural beauty of the skin. Besides cosmetics, miscellaneous goods such as purses using retro Japanese towels called "tenugui" can be found. For gifts we also recommend wrapping limited retail stores.

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The exclusive "oil absorbent paper" contains Kyoto traditional paper craftsmen's amazing techniques. The coating layer applied on the back of the paper closely adheres to the fingers, so it is difficult for the paper to slide down. Besides, it can firmly remove oil. It will not break even when it gets wet with sweat, plus after using it, it'll help to avoid makeup collapse. The oil absorbent paper (plain)costs 377 yen.

Solid perfume is a cream traditionally applied with the fingers on the skin. Its aroma is generally slightly more gentle compared to normal perfumes. "Hana" solid cream, 723 yen, is a convenient item to carry around thanks to its compact container and expresses the elegance of Kyoto. The sakura colored and slightly sweet-smelling cream has a cheerful flavor,therefore it is wonderful.

This product is a combination of mulberry root bark extracts and silk components containing excellent moisturizing virtues. As a hand cream that moisturizes perfectly your skin, it spreads well, it is not sticky, and a very popular item among repeaters. It can also be used for elbows, knees and heels.Moist skin care hand cream, 901 yen.

Toner, milky lotion, essence, cream, makeup foundation are available. Easy daily care of the skin, all-in-one gel. Easy-to-use, all-in-one gel hanging out with 8 kinds of "Hannari skin components" in collagen, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, "Hannarich", 2,750 yen.