Kyoto Shabonya

Kyoto Shabonya


Additive free soap made in Kyoto

Our brand is concerned with the "Made in Kyoto". That is why we created "Kyoto Shabonya", a company dealing mainly with bath goods and beauty products which are non-additive handmade facial cleansing soaps, produced one by one.The soap was elaborated from 100% natural source ingredients, therefore, it can be safely used by babies, elderly people and sensitive skins.Those products were made out of traditional raw materials from Kyoto. We recommend them for gifts or souvenirs.

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Our sponges are first-class goods, directly imported from Italy. These natural sponges can be safely used for sensitive skin, and for people concerned with skin pores. They come in different size and shape. For example, the "fine milk" type (5 cm - 715 yen), very popular among babies and delicate skin, but also the foaming "coral" type, (10 cm - 2,090 yen) or the very flexbible "honey comb" type (10 cm - 2,970 yen).

90g soybean milk soap (1,540 yen)was developed in collaboration with the long-established tofu shop in Kyoto, Kitano "Toyouke Yamamoto". It is the most popular type of Shabonya soap, thus we recommended for dry and dull skin. Besides, we propose Maiko soap 20 g (550 yen), which is a blend of white gold and pure gold leaf for a shiny wash. This product has been tested and approved by the Maikos of Pontocho district. The use of gold leaf and plover design is typical of Kyoto.

Kyo Sanpo Lip serie (coffee, chocolate, macha, sesame mint for 1,650 yen each) proposes lip balm using raw materials made in collaboration with Kyoto's popular shops. This product gathers each store's savoir-faire. So that to make the most of the natural fragrance and natural components. Besides,it'll give moisture and gloss to the lips. The original bamboo containers stamped with our brand's logo, is also very popular.

Synthetic colors and fragrances are not used at all, and using the aroma and color of natural tea as it is, facial cleansing soap using Uji Matcha. Matcha soap 90g (2,750 yen) with moist and rich wash with organic oil with high moisturizing power and topical Argan oil.