A variety shop specializes in T-shirts with Kyoto modern design

We offer various T-Shirts with different cultural prints. For the motives we are using typical symbols and colors of Kyoto. Furthermore we have a lot of typical Kyoto stuff to propose. All our offered objects are done by skilled craftsmen in Japan.

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Maiko and Kyoto tower on a white background design.
Various goods with daily use:
Wire Pouch Bag 3,132 yen
Pocket tissue pouch1,728 yen
Pachin Pouch (a purse with metal clasp) 1,620 yen
Small drawstring bag 1,728 yen
Book cover 1,728 yen
Oil absorbing sheets 410 yen

Colorful Kyoto Tower on a dark blue background design.
Other designs with Kyoto bonfires on five moutains (Gozan) or the famous five-storied pagoda are also available.
Wire Pouch Bag 3,564 yen,
Pocket tissue pouch 1,728 yen,
Pachin pouch (a purse with metal clasp) 1,620 yen,
Small drawstring bag 1,728 yen,
Book cover 1,728 yen,
Oil absorbing sheets 410 yen.

We offer special T-shirts with the Kyoto Tower and Kyoto Tower mascot (a black cat) on it. This combination is a really cute way to remember Kyoto. The prices for the T-shirt is 4,212 yen for kids' size and 6,372 yen for adults' size. Especially for families, this souvenir is recommendable.

Large bag for 3,132 yen.
B4 size bag with Kyoto Tower and Kyoto Tower mascot design.
The bag is large enough to put important documents.
On the back of the bag the sentence "Come! Come! Kyoto, Japan” is written in Japanese.