Appetizing Chinese dishes ! The scorched rice dish is recommended.

More than 30 years ago this Chinese restaurant was set up in Kyoto. The guests remember the owner, of this cozy Chinese restaurant as a rugger man. The restaurant is known to only use local food from trustful suppliers. They use chicken broth soup made on the day as a base for their dishes. The KYOTO TOWER SANDO Shop also offers Kyoto style dishes such as Yuba (tofu milk skin) or Marifu (Wheat gluten bread) and original menus.

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Deep-fried domestic mochi rice at a high temperature called Okoge. Flavorful and crispy.Very hot golden Chinese soup is poured on top of the crispy rice. The noise will make you even more hungry. The dish contains 10 kinds of colorful ingredients such as raw wheat gluten shaped ball so on. Elegant dish for 970 yen

Popular dish since the opening of the establishment and delicious with a beer. Gyoza with a garniture made of various cabbages, garlic chives and minced pork. Fried spring roll made of 7 kinds of ingredients. Sesame seeds sweets, each for 378 yen.

Crab omelet on rice.
Fluffy omelet style dish with a garniture of crispy bamboo shoot, green onions and soy sauce.
In addition to your drink, you can choose 1 dish among 4 items such as gyoza, fried spring roll, kawapon (fried skin chicken with ponzu sauce) and sesame seeds sweets is available. Limited amount of Crab omelet on rice menu set 1,320 yen.

Fried skin chicken with plenty of collagen made as the image of the Kyoto tower called "Kawapon Tower". Juicy and crispy dish for 756 yen that you can share with 3 or 4 people as the volume of the dish is quite big and photogenic.