Tapioca Belize

Tapioca Belize


Crêpes and Tapioca drinks with a chewy texture.

Crêpes & tapioca drink shop born in Kyoto. The signboard indicates that you can choose from 3 species of domestically-produced tapioca. You can add different toppings such as a chocolate sauce for 30 yen each. The milk tea base drink made of milk and Assam tea is popular. Try out their fluffy crêpes or waffle made from tapioca fine powder as well.

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Ramone Soda with tapioka
Regular size 334 yen
Large size 338 yen

Milk green tea with tapioka
Regular size 334yen
Large size 378 yen

Rich Chocolate milkshake
Regular 507 yen
Large size 561 yen

Special Japanese crêpe; Matcha crêpe using carefully selected Kyoto Uji Matcha with red bean, strawberry, vanilla ice cream, kinako (soy) powder and Brown Sugar Syrup. Matcha crêpe for 561 yen.
Various Kyoto-made crêpes available such as crêpe with Matcha, brown sugar syrup, kinako cream and crêpe with Matcha and strawberry etc.…

Big black bean tapioka marinated in brown sugar. The more you chew, the better it tastes. You can choose from 3 kinds of naturally colored Tapioka beans. Combine the beans with the drink you like.

Oreo strawberry cream for 464 yen.
Freshly baked crêpe wrapped in crushed oreo, cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce. Enjoy the flavor of each condiment. You can also try out the Oreo/banana cream crêpe.