Gottie's BEEF

Gottie's BEEF


Dry-aging beef specialised resuaurant that will reveal the real taste of red meat.

Meat from local production dried for about 40 days.
The delicous tender meat will be served as a huge steak or hamburger.
Enjoy the delicious food for reasonable lunch or dinner.

Business hours
11:00~23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
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Roasted beef topped with carefully selected sea urchin in donburi style. (bowl of rice with food on top). Exquisite dish that can be eaten with a Japanese style sauce.

Originally from America: Rib steak style
Dry aging Black angus cow ribs from Chicago America. Cooked carefully and served in medium-rare. Enjoy the softness and taste of the meat. Just by looking at it, you know it's exquisite.

Flavorful hamburger made of dry aging meat.
Popular menu due to the juiciness and softness of the meat. Enjoy the delicious taste and volume of the hamburger. We recommend you to try out the papillote beef with homemade demi glace as well.

Fabulous dry aging meat lined up in the showcase in front of the counter. Choose your favorite steak from a standard of the menu or the steak of the day. Served on a hot iron plate. Low calorie and high in protein. Various side dishes of vegetables available as well.