nicotto & mam

nicotto & mam


Donuts made without eggs and with natural yeast, with a selection from basic to seasonal limited items

We fulfilled the wish of any mother who has a child with egg allergies to be able to buy an egg free donut with natural yeast. The donut is made of basic ingredients, light brown sugar, wheat germ. The donut is fried but not greasy and easy to eat. “nicotto & mam".The fluffy texture of the donut will make you pleasantly smile.

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Plain donut for 180 yen. This popular "nicotto & mam" original donut is containing natural yeast and no eggs. They are lightly sweet and have a mochimochi texture. They are ppropriate as a gift and great with coffee.

Chocolate donut for 210 yen.
"nicotto & mam" standard donuts with roasted almond and sweet chocolate on top. Just one bite, you can feel the fluffy texture of the donut and the non-too sweet chocolate spreading in your mouth. Both children and adults will enjoy this donut.

Peanuts butter donut for 210 yen. This "nicotto & mam" standard donut with somewhat nostalgic and crispy flavor is recommended by the staff. Great with tea and milk, not to mention coffee! Popular among male sweets lovers!

Pink donut with red small dots and while lines.
Cute looking granulated strawberries donut for 210 yen. Strawberry cream containing freeze dry strawberries! You will want to eat more than one or two donuts, for sure!