The Roots of all evil.

The Roots of all evil.


We will offer you surprises and pleasures from the space rooted in the basement of Kyoto Tower

Casual cocktail stand bar offering original drinks made of local ingredients from Kyoto such as Matcha; bamboo charcoal or fish soup for example. You’ll enjoy the beautiful drink presentation as well. Enjoy this place with a playful mood.

Drink Stands/Bar Stands
Business hours
11:00~23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
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We offer a Gin tonic, which contains 10 different herbs. Roses, lavender and chamomile are only a few among them. The composition varies from season to season and is always presented in a gorgeous way with the use of edible flowers in it. The price of this fairy cocktail is 900 yen.

The Night Crawler for 1,400 yen is a spicy martini, which is based on the Gin “beauty of the season”. This Gin contains unique Japanese ingredients like rice, gyokuro and yuzu. Furthermore we using the similar ingredients for the cocktail itself, like yuzu, matcha, bamboo and further on.

In this cocktail named "Ringo no Jikan", thyme, rosemary, apples and coconuts are mixed together. This mixture of ingredients smells simply unique. Furthermore the staff always offers this drink with various performances. Don´t miss this experience for only 800 yen.

20 kinds of gin available from Kyoto distillery and all over the world.
Try out their special cocktails inspired by movies, novels or songs names. Their homemade bottled cocktails using craft gin in barrel are also recommended.