Fried chicken & Highball LINK

Fried chicken & Highball LINK


A popular Juicy Chicken x Highball restaurant in Kawaramachi Sanjo

Fried Chicken at a low flame temperature is one of the specialties of the shop. The fried chicken is popular for its strong herb aroma and juicy texture. There are also many other dishes made of chicken such as homemade chicken nugget. We recommend you to enjoy your chicken with a highball!

Business hours

Various highball poured by a designed server from 400 to 850 yen.
Good proportion in the drink and served cold. Try out colorful highball made of strawberries, Soda Calpis, blue curacao… (Among 25 ingredients). Mega size drink available!

8 homemade chicken nuggets (L Size) for 800 yen. Enjoy the texture of the meat made of minced and ground meat. Eat it with BBQ sauce or Mustard as you like!

Enjoy various kind of fried chicken for 1,200 yen (chicken wing, Chicken breast, chicken leg). Grilled at a low temperature of 145 degree, the meat gets juicier.

Fried bread with fried cake of minced meat, french fries and salad set for 780 yen(Homemade mustard or Worcestershire sauce available). A lunch box to go is also available.