Sake and yakitori restaurant produced by an old famous brewery well-known with 'Shinsei' in Fushimi, Kyoto

YAMAMOTO GENBEI is the 11th owner of a famous brewery (sake, soy) in Kyoto for more than 340 years. The place provide sake such as refined sake; freshly squeezed sake directly delivered from Yamamoto-Honke and side dishes. Domestic chicken are used for the yakitori and grilled with a sake sauce. This relaxing place will remind you Machiya Townhouses.

Chicken Skeweres/Chicken Dishes/Sake
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Most popular Yakitori set from 720 yen !
Chicken skewers grilled with sake base sauce using only chicken from local farm production. We recommend you to try out the chef set including onion/chicken yakitori; yakitori chicken heart; chicken neck yakitori and so on.

If you like sake, pay attention to that lineup!
A cup of flavorful and freshly squeezed sake directly sent from Fushimi brewery for 475 yen. A cup of sake with a savory yakitori will be the best!

Grilled savory chicken for 650 yen.
Poultry chicken breast soaked in malted rice overnight is an original menu of KYOTO TOWER SANDO. First enjoy the soft texture of the food in itself, and then try it out with lemon or horseradish condiments. Eat with relish and enjoy the sweetness of the chicken.

Compared to a young chicken, chicken parent are tastier. It is reputed to be delicious even just grilled with salt and pepper. The more you bite it, the more it gets juicy. Enjoy your food with cabbage side dish and sake! Grilled parent chicken for 864 yen.